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Today we had to say "goodbye" to Tim, our first intern from Germany, who did a 3-month internship at LOGOMAT during his school pursuing the Bachelor degree in Business Administration and Engineering.

Since LOGOMAT is expanding its manufacturing by adding another shop floor and show room, there is a need of re-organizing the production.

During his stay, Tim was responsible for developing a work flow concept and starting to implement the first changes. To get familiar with the LOGO!MAT Products and the current work flow, he started working directly in the shop floor, learning the pre- and final assembly work process. With his theoretical knowledge and research, combined with the practical skills from his work at LOGOMAT, Tim developed a concept, which will change, improve and adapt the work flow to our future needs.

Read more which challenges he had and what experiences he made with his Project and the general life in a new culture:

What did you do during your internship at LOGOMAT?
"LOGOMAT is currently building a new floor and will enlarge the production from two to three shop floors, approx. adding 11,500 square feet.
During my internship, I should help to develop a new layout for all three shop floors and improve the production lines and the material flow. I started working directly at the machine shop, pre-assembly and final assembly in the first few weeks.
After I have l understood the current work flow, I figured out which processes could and should become improved and how the material flow would be more efficient. I established calculations to figure out processing costs, profit per order, break-even-point and other kpis (key performance indicators).
Furthermore I helped to develop a new stock organization system. This includes a new numbering system, a new arrangement of the racks and the compilation of a standard receiving process."

What were your challenges?
"The first big challenge was before everything even started. Getting the visa, which is necessary to be allowed to work in the USA requires a lot of preparation. The application process is time consuming; I had to invest a lot of time for paper work and interviews.
During the internship, I had to implement my theoretical knowledge in practical work. So, I had to adapt this knowledge in daily business tasks. Of course there were also language barriers in the beginning. The native speakers speak very fast and with an accent, but after a while I picked it up quite well.
Besides the work duties, I had to deal with the "American lifestyle“. There are some differences compared to Germany you have to deal with, like the traffic and the food."

What is your experience with an international internship?
"I gained a lot of practical work experience, but also cross-cultural experience by doing this international internship.
Among the work I made new friends, joined MLB and NFL-games and took the opportunity to travel in my free time. I can recommend to every student to look for an opportunity like this. It will help you to for the future in business aspects and for your personal growth.
Especially, to work for LOGOMAT will be a good experience to proof your theoretical knowledge. My supervisor gave me the chance to develop my own ideas and being part of the team and the whole process of improvement. I’m glad that I got the opportunity and a project with direct responsibilities, to prove and gain my knowledge even more. Thanks again!"

We would like to thank Tim for his openness and support in creating a concept, which will improve our material and work flow even more. He was a great team member and it was fun to work with him every day.
We wish you all the best for your upcoming Bachelor Thesis at our parent company KRUPS and your future life!