Changing the Outlook of Conveying Systems

e-cart-system-smallIn today's manufacturing world, a wide variety of conveyor systems can be found in many automotive facilities transporting products for assembly. Roller conveyors are most commonly used throughout these automotive facilities. These conveyor systems can be quite cumbersome, reducing working space and blocking areas for access or walkways.

In recent years, conveyor systems have become more technologically advanced. Many companies are adapting to the latest forms for transporting heavy and large products with Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems (AGVs). AGV Systems are very high-tech and propose a fantastic concept, but consumers may find themselves paying a hefty sum when it comes to obtaining these high-end systems. Consumers tend to spend extra in maintaining the battery life in these AGV systems. The batteries need to be charged often and replaced becoming unreliable in longevity. High accuracy can also be a common issue leading to many errors when assembling with AGV systems.

The LOGO!MAT E-CART System is currently on the rise and making a huge impact on the way manufacturing companies transport assembled products. This entirely new and ingenious way has revolutionized transporting heavy and large products throughout manufacturing facilities. These systems use electronically driven pallets specifically designed for heavy-duty applications that can nest low to the ground providing ample working space. The E-CART System can be adjusted to regular working heights providing the ability to reach different assembling levels. Each track consists of a static steel structure with no moving parts where forklifts and operators can drive and walk over without damaging the system. The steel frames in the structure providing rigidity for the E-CART when transporting large and heavy assemblies. Very little wiring is needed for the E-CART System during commissioning. Any wiring that is used rests inside of the steel frame eliminating the chance of an operator tripping and getting injured at any time during the workday.

The self-driven electrical E-CARTs take their 48V DC drive power and signal for the drive through integrated power rails in the frame structure. The redundant power pick-ups ensure an error free transport of loads upwards to 2,000-3,000 lbs. This system is unique in that it requires no battery or pneumatic energy to power the system. The power rails easily outlast battery life, which is capable of running over 11,000 miles, equivalent to four years of full production. Power rails eliminate the need for motor starters, VFDs, and separate overload switches. Turns and diverts in the conveyor system get realized with standardized track rotates and electric stops can be relocated and added all over the line.

Adding a second power rail on the E-CART when using a scissor lift for variable working heights, displays or any other electronic device, can offer separate auxiliary power. Each E-CART can be adjusted in speed and moving direction to accommodate desirable tact time, making it ideal when trying to reach maximum numbers in production. Different segments in the track can provide different pallet speeds creating a dynamic drive capability. Stop and go or continuous flow cycle can be selected as necessary.

The E-CART is established as a transport system with very low maintenance, high availability and extreme reliability. Since there are no moving parts, there is no maintenance required on the track. All maintenance purposes would be directed to the E-CART itself.  The E-CART is very easy to exchange in case of a failure or for maintenance purposes.

A safety bumper is included in each E-CART making the system safe for operators, and stops on a dime if any obstacle prevents the E-CART from moving. Since the 48V DC drive power is proven to be completely harmless in any direct contact situation, no additional protective devices are needed.

To summarize, the E-CART combines benefits of both - a roller conveyor and an AGV system - adding additional features which allow for new possibilities in assembly automation. It is heavy duty, necessary for transporting heavier products, has a low profile if required, contains auxiliary power during transportation, allows for accurate positioning with a track lead, and does not require any type of pneumatic energy, which commonly is the most expensive energy to utilize. The E-CART also allows for quick setup, easy extension to lines, and possibilities for reconfiguration.

Investing in a more flexible, cost-effective, modular and safe transfer system for heavy-duty assembly lines may be the way to go.

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