LOGO!MAT Conveyor

LOGO!MAT Conveyors are like an assembly conveyor kit, a versatile and very flexible system for conveying pallets and parts of various weights and width. The unique flexible design characteristics combined with standardized components allow for almost all conceivable track arrangements and the ability to easily modify them afterwards.

The LOGO!MAT Conveyors are robust, palletized Transfer Systems with an anodized aluminum frame, driven by friction rollers. Every pre-assembled track section is driven by a separate geared three-phase motor and an endless roller chain. Corners, diverters and junctions use a special technique that has been developed by KRUPS. This unique turn technique connects just straight track sections and builds up the required pallet flow with just a few additional components.

The entire system offers a high flexibility in reconfiguring the layout with low efforts. All LOGO!MAT components can be placed in nearly every location of the system or can be added subsequently. Full rollers in areas where access from below is needed, can be replaced by stub rollers without any special tooling within a few minutes.


To summarize, the LOGO!MAT E-CART combines benefits a roller conveyor and an AGV system, and adds additional features which allow for new possibilities in assembly automation. It is heavy duty, necessary for transporting heavier products, has a low profile if required, contains auxiliary power during transportation, allows for accurate positioning with a track lead, and does not require any type of pneumatic energy, which commonly is the most expensive energy to utilize. The E-CART also allows for quick setup, easy extension to lines, and possibilities for reconfiguration.

The LOGO!MAT E-CART - Series is a heavy duty Transfer System for bulky and heavy loads up to 3,000 lbs. that combines the advantages of traditional Pallet Transfer Systems and Automatic Guided Vehicles / Carts.

Unlike traditional Transfer Systems, the LOGO!MAT E-CART - Series uses electrically driven CARTs which run on steel rails instead of a roller conveyor. The rails can be installed very quickly, since they only consist of a running surface, made of an edged steel frame, and a power rail which supplies the E-CART with 48 V DC. The steel rails do not contain any moving parts, meaning they are maintenance-free. The E-CART System can be installed either elevated or on the floor with a height of only 180 mm. The low profile version can be overrun with vehicles like fork lifts in reinforced, designated areas.

The E-CARTs consist of a steel chassis that is equipped with low-noise PA rollers pairs. The four front wheels are driven by a 48 V DC motor. Since the power rails supply the E-CARTs with electrical energy, the use of batteries is not required.

Every E-CART is equipped with a safety bumper that automatically stops the E-CART by any contact with an obstacle. This technology enables to back up several E-CARTs with zero-pressure accumulation, and it guarantees a high operational safety, which allows putting manual work stations right next to the conveyor track without risking injuries. In a low profile version, the steel rails are walkable so that the workers are able to move freely.

Besides its high flexibility, the LOGO!MAT E-CART - Series offers some unique features: Optional a second power rail can be added to the system that supplies electrical devices on the CART with energy. Moreover, a second power rail can also be used to transmit digital signals to the E-CART, which offers a lot of possible applications that cannot be realized with a conventional Pallet Transfer System.

The LOGO!MAT E-CART - Series is an almost maintenance-free heavy duty Transfer System, that is very flexible and offers a lot of new possibilities for the assembly automation.

LOGO!MAT XL Twin Strand

The LOGO!MAT XL Twin strand uses driven stub rollers on both side.

The brand new version “XL Twin Strand” uses driven stub rollers on both sides of the conveyor and allows free access on every position from under­neath. LOGO!MAT Stop Units, Pallet Locate Units, Lift & Locate Units or Lift & Rotate Units can be freely located in the entire conveyor layout or relo­cated subsequently, without changing or relocating any roller. With using standardized LOGO!MAT Track Rotates, the entire system becomes very flexible and is easy to plan with. Due to the Twin Strand design, the system is not limited to a certain nominal width, which allows conveying custom­ized flat pallets.